6 Hacks to Start Your Own Clothing Line with No Money


It’s the new year and one of your goals is to finally start your own clothing line. If you and your wallet are still recovering from the holidays, lucky for you, it’s 2018 and there’s plenty of free fashion designing apps available to help you start your own clothing line with no money. Check them out below.

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How to Protect Your Fashion Designs from Copycats

Intellectual property theft happens – even in fashion design. From the Kardashians keeping up a little too closely with indie streetwear designers, to cautionary tales from creatives who’ve partnered with clothes manufacturers abroad only to find their garments on Amazon for cheaper, there’s no shortage of frustrating stories.

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The Top 3 Lessons We Learned at WebSummit

Happy Thanksgiving, fashion Makers, movers, and shakers! This month we’re thankful for you, and for the amazing experience we had earlier this month at the 2017 WebSummit, in Lisbon, Portugal.

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