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Posted by MakersValley on 7/25/17 1:56 PM

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Design your Business, an event created by INprende and Aguja Local, offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to break into the fashion industry by showing them how to put their innovative ideas into action.


Empower - Think - Validate - Connect

The objective of this event was to show entrepreneurs all the possibilities they have in the fashion industry and the tools they need to get their fashion business idea to the next level. The event had an audience of over 100 entrepreneurs full of brilliant ideas. We had the opportunity to be part of this amazing event and learn from Makers in the fashion industry about how they manage every challenge that comes their way.


“A good sales person transmits passion for what he or she does”

-Alessandra Correa


Alessandra Correa was the first speaker of the night. She explained how INprende’s methodology works and gave us awesome insights on how to make it in the fashion industry. She talked about the four pillars of the INprende methodology: Empower, Think, Validate and Connect and how each of them are the base of any business. She also talked about the importance of making your brand part of yourself.

 “You need to feel that your logo is part of you”

-Alessandra Correa


Lisa Thon, a well-known Puerto Rican fashion designer, shared her experience in the fashion industry and told us how she was able to overcome several challenges in order to achieve her goals. Her story was really inspiring, because she started her business like every person in that room, from the bottom up. She had a dream and made it happen by working hard and learning from every experience.

Lisa is more than just a fashion designer. She is also a fashion teacher and has her own fashion school, which she has been directing for many years, but now she is following another dream and is on her way to having her own perfume line. She encouraged everyone in the audience to follow their dreams and explore every aspect of the fashion industry. Talk about #goals! 

“Life is a cycle and its always changing, you just have to be open to changes” 

Lisa Thon


The last speaker of the night was Natalia Figueroa, Founder of Aguja Local, a platform that allows Puerto Rican designers to showcase and sell their designs online. Natalia always knew she wanted to have her own company and shared with the audience how she was able to get her business to the next level.


This event was eye-opening. Seeing all those innovative minds together in one room makes you realize that there are a lot of talented people who just need a little push to get their business to the next level!


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