Following the path of family traditions

Posted by MakersValley on 7/20/17 2:10 PM

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Behind every garment, there is a talented artisan who worked hard to make it. That's why we want you to get to know the artisans responsible for bringing your designs to life.

Meet Raffaele, an independent artisan who followed his dream and found success on the way!

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Raffaele's story

Raffaele's story is rooted in a family tradition. His grandfather founded their apparel factory and he worked for more then 50 years producing shirts. Initially, Raffaele was not interested in working in the fashion industry, even though it was a family tradition. Instead, he decided to go to college and got a degree as an accountant.

I am a small independent artisan and I'm responsible for leading people to create and make great shirts.


How he got started in the fashion industry

Raffaele followed his own path initially, but his family traditions and roots were so strong that at some point he got thrown into the world of clothing. At first, his father didn't accept Raffaeles’s decision to enter "his world” that he had worked in for so many years, however Raffaele was convinced that it was the right path for him so he continued on his journey in fashion. 

He started out working at a boutique as a tailor's assistant for over two years. While working there, he did not only perfected his tailoring skills with shirts, but he also grew a lot professionally and personally.

"My family traditions and roots were strong and at some point I got thrown into this world of clothing."

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Why did he choose MakersValley?

He was referred to MakersValley a year ago by a fashion professor and the idea of working with American designers caught his attention so he decided to become part of our MakersValley family.

"MakersValley is an opportunity for me to approach an international clientele and I expect a long collaboration."

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"My advice to all the new designers is to be focused on accomplishing what you want and pursue it to the end."

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