Success Story: From Orphan to Fashion Entrepreneur

Posted by MakersValley on 5/26/17 2:47 PM

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"My goal is to change the fashion industry and touch the lives of orphans by selling outerwear. MakersValley is making those dreams come true through their high quality work"

What are the odds on a scale of 1 to 10 of making it in the fashion industry in the US, and originally being from Africa?  If you thought a low number, think again, because Ishmael's story is not the case.

He embarked on a journey to the United States to play basketball and ended up becoming a fashion entrepreneur. You can say that he beat all odds, he created the MUDAXpro reversible athletic outerwear jacket which will be featured on Kickstarter and Shark Tank soon. Talk about a success story!


"Just unzip and zip it to match any color "


What is Ishmael’s story?

Ishmael's story includes being an orphan in Africa, immigrating to the United States to play basketball, then becoming an entrepreneur in the fashion industry. He used his expertise to create a cost effective reversible outerwear jacket; a jacket designed so that you can pick your favorite color and simply change out the front zip panel of the jacket yourself with a single zip and unzip.

He arrived in the United States to play basketball with a full scholarship at the age of 17. At a towering 7 feet tall and size 22 shoes, Ishmael was chosen to play for the University of Texas at Arlington under head coach Scott Cross. Later, he transferred to Dallas Baptist University and played for coach Blake Flickner.

The story doesn't stop there. While he was on the basketball team, he realized that they had to constantly switch into different jackets all the time when going to the games. He knew that MUDAXpro outwear would solve this problem and he started working with Italian manufacturers to make his dream a reality and bring his design to life.

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"I was looking for someone to turn my dream into a reality, and MakersValley did it for me. I was searching for the best manufacturers and after looking at [MakersValley] work and connections, I was motivated to contact them”


MUDAXpro: The Beginning

MUDAXpro started with the belief that everyone should have a unique style and fashion. They want to help uphold an individual's highest morals by giving a little color and style to workouts, which in addition motivates people to exercise. MudaXpro gives you the option of choosing the color you like best, without the need to spend more money buying several jackets.

The MUDAXpro jacket has strip zippers that are removable from the jacket and can be interchanged by switching the strip color. It is amazing how easily you can customize the jacket to make it unique; you can instantly change the color to match your outfit.


  “ The athletic outwear we create is fun, technical and personalized for you. This is not just a lifestyle, it’s your style.”

MUDAXpro was born in 1998.

As an orphan from Kenya, Ishmael was determined to never give up hope. The product idea came to him while he was growing up in Kenya and inspired by his surroundings. Unlike the children who came from wealthy families, he saw that most orphans couldn’t afford new jackets to match their outfit. He contemplated the idea and believed that one day that idea it was going to become real. Ishmael spent two years developing the product and making four prototypes.


"MUDAXpro is revolutionizing the experience of traveling by avoiding the need to pack too many jackets"


What Makes his Product Unique:

  • Made of 100% polyester
  • Windproof
  • Light weight
  • Fashionably cool
  • 100% Made in Italy; Manufactured in Naples, Italy with MakersValley
  • You get two jackets in one
  • Customizable


Where does the name MUDAXpro come from?

While in Kenya, Ishmael called all his bosom friends "Muda", a local word  which means "blood brother" when referring to your closest of friends, and with time, the name stuck to him.

Fashion with a Purpose

Through his non-profit Big D Vision Orphans, Ishmael will donate a percentage of every sale of MUDAXpro athletic wear to support the orphans in Kenya and around the world and enable them to achieve their dreams.


"I've had an amazing experience working with MakersValley. I'm satisfied  with all my prototypes and I am happy with the services. In addition, their online platform is amazing, secure, and really easy to access."

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