Back to Basics: Fibers

Fabric, a term you are going to encounter a lot if you are in the fashion industry. If I ask you to tell me what fabrics are, you will say "easy, it's what we use to make a garment, right?!" Now, what if I ask you to tell me what a fiber is, or to tell me the difference between a fabric and a fiber. Would you be able to answer that?

Did I lose you there? Don’t worry, many people get confused with these two terms, but once you understand each of them it will be easier.  Keep reading and I will explain the difference between fabrics and fibers!

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MakersValley: Who We Are

Picture the beautiful scenes of Southern Italy, to be specific Naples, there lived a family of four. The mother a boutique owner, the father owned another and the son grew around luxury apparel artisans and manufacturers, where his parents bought the merchandise for their boutiques.

As he grew up, he would go with his backpack to these artisans and manufacturers and buy the extra merchandise left behind by designers such as Versace and Dolce & Gabanna. As he grew up he noticed that the family owned manufacturing factories were closing down. He became passionate about finding a solution to keep these family owned apparel manufacturing companies open.

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Artisan Spotlight: My Grandmother & a Barbie

At MakersValley, we are extremely proud of our Italian artisans. We have created this Artisan Spotlight series to feature our artisans so you may get to know who will be making your custom products. As part of Artisan Spotlight, you will meet Luisa and read about her story and her advice to you and for your business. 

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Taking the Jump: Making Your Private Label in 3 Steps

You are a designer. You are a boutique owner. You are a fashion student. You have a dream... seeing your name or the name of your brand on the tag of a piece you designed and selling it. How many times have you thought about it? Does it intimidate you because it seems like a daunting task to design, produce and sell your designs? We understand that, when boutiques and designers come to us they expect the production process to be one filled with scary price structures, many strategic planning variables such as locations, timing and order sizes. The good news is that here at MakersValley, we make it simple for you. We are here to help you achieve your dream, by connecting you with good quality and affordable manufacturers who can manage any minimum size order and we also manage the relationships with the our italian artisans and manufacturers. Ok, you like what you’re reading, but you are probably asking yourself ‘What do I have to do?’ with these three easy steps you will be well on your way to start designing, producing  and selling your private label.

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Success Story: From Orphan to Fashion Entrepreneur

"My goal is to change the fashion industry and touch the lives of orphans by selling outerwear. MakersValley is making those dreams come true through their high quality work"

What are the odds on a scale of 1 to 10 of making it in the fashion industry in the US, and originally being from Africa?  If you thought a low number, think again, because Ishmael's story is not the case.

He embarked on a journey to the United States to play basketball and ended up becoming a fashion entrepreneur. You can say that he beat all odds, he created the MUDAXpro reversible athletic outerwear jacket which will be featured on Kickstarter and Shark Tank soon. Talk about a success story!

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Bring Puerto Rican Designs To Life

The Bring Puerto Rican Designs To Life event, presented by MakersValley on May 4, 2017, at La Social, in Condado was a night to remember!

Local designers, influencers, the press, entrepreneurs and fashion experts, were part of this magnificent event in which MakersValley presented the opportunity to connect directly with Italian manufacturers to local fashion entrepreneurs to jump start their own brands. 

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