The Missing Piece of The Puzzle

Whenever someone thinks of fashion design, the first thing that comes to mind is glamour and sparkle, but in reality there’s more to it. In order for that sparkly outfit to end up in your closet, there is a process that has to happen.

Fashion, like any source of culture, is a great jigsaw puzzle! You just need to put all the pieces together in order to get a unique product.

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Taking the Jump: Making Your Private Label in 3 Steps

You are a designer. You are a boutique owner. You are a fashion student. You have a dream... seeing your name or the name of your brand on the tag of a piece you designed and selling it. How many times have you thought about it? Does it intimidate you because it seems like a daunting task to design, produce and sell your designs? We understand that, when boutiques and designers come to us they expect the production process to be one filled with scary price structures, many strategic planning variables such as locations, timing and order sizes. The good news is that here at MakersValley, we make it simple for you. We are here to help you achieve your dream, by connecting you with good quality and affordable manufacturers who can manage any minimum size order and we also manage the relationships with the our italian artisans and manufacturers. Ok, you like what you’re reading, but you are probably asking yourself ‘What do I have to do?’ with these three easy steps you will be well on your way to start designing, producing  and selling your private label.

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Make it or break it decision: Going into production

Wouldn’t you like to learn how to simplify the process of manufacturing by taking advantage of MakersValley services?
What if I said that every designer, boutique owner, or fashion entrepreneur that wants to break into the fashion industry has faced the same problem?
Better yet, what if I showed you how to leverage the manufacturing process by making it as simple as possible?
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