Fuzzera Jeans

"It's mind-blowing to me that I can take an idea for a piece of clothing, package it up into documentation that can be shared with MakersValley electronically accompanied with physical samples, which they use to make it.  And just a few months later, with very little back and forth in between, I receive a quality piece of manufactured clothing in return and at a reasonable cost too."

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RADICAL | A Passion for Fashion

When your passion for sneakers makes you fall in love with an industry that will soon make your dreams come true.

Take a look at Angel’s journey to success. He went from a boy who loved sneakers to creating his own brand and making what once was just a dream, a reality.

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Success Story: From Orphan to Fashion Entrepreneur

"My goal is to change the fashion industry and touch the lives of orphans by selling outerwear. MakersValley is making those dreams come true through their high quality work"

What are the odds on a scale of 1 to 10 of making it in the fashion industry in the US, and originally being from Africa?  If you thought a low number, think again, because Ishmael's story is not the case.

He embarked on a journey to the United States to play basketball and ended up becoming a fashion entrepreneur. You can say that he beat all odds, he created the MUDAXpro reversible athletic outerwear jacket which will be featured on Kickstarter and Shark Tank soon. Talk about a success story!

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