10 Storefront Window Displays That Are Dressed To Impress

mannequin in a clothes store wearing an orange jumper
Hannah Shulman

Hannah Shulman

Though we’re often told not to judge a book by its cover, our opinions are often informed by our first impressions. This is also the case with storefront window displays. So, how does a brick and mortar store grab a passerby’s attention?

These ten companies gained recognition for their creatively dressed window displays.

1. Gucci

Gucci Window DisplayImage Credit: WindowsWear

While most window displays feature mannequins facing the audience on the street, Gucci’s mannequins inhabit the audience themselves. As a part of their Hallucination Campaign, Gucci revived famous paintings by adding Gucci outfits to the characters in the art piece. Sitting with their backs to the street, the mannequins enjoy the paintings on the screens. Others can join in by downloading the Gucci app, where they can enjoy the paintings through Augmented Reality. This not only brings the window display to life, but also allows customers to experience the Gucci products through different mediums.

2. Cole Hardware

Cole Hardware Window DisplayImage Credit: Jun Belen

Many stores decorate their window display around an upcoming holiday. Unlike the other stores who celebrate Halloween by adding pumpkins to their window display, Cole Hardware used the holiday to market its collection of brooms. The Cole Hardware brooms were in flying position as they floated along an orange backdrop. The company then capped this off by asking onlookers: “Which broom?” It’s a creative way to showcase products in connection to a holiday theme.

3. Galeries Lafayette

Galeries Lafayette Window DisplayImage Credit: Creative Bloq

This french department store created a competition for children ages 5 to 11 to draw their Christmas hero. Winning illustrations were transformed into cuddle toys that adorned the storefront window. Through this competition, Galeries Lafeyette actively involved customers in the store experience and created a window display that captured childhood wonderment, perfect for a Christmas-themed display.

4. Barney's

Barneys Window DisplayImage Credit: Creative Bloq

Who says windows need to stick to the snapshot display? Barney’s ditched the mannequins for ice carving collective Okamoto Studio. Passerby got to look on as Okamoto Studio carved ice sculptures in the storefront window. Setting up their window display as an ice carving exhibition helped Barney’s increase the average stay at their storefront.

5. Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant Window DisplayImage Credit: Pinterest

Just by placing three images alongside three different dresses, this window display tells a story. It’s simple, yet aesthetically pleasing. After displaying all three dresses, the takeaway of grouping them together communicates: Which dress will you choose? It effectively characterizes each of the dress styles without dipping into the overdone text description. Remember: show, don’t tell.

6. LaGalleria

LaGalleria Window DisplayImage Credit: Creative Bloq

Besides for the typical sprucing up for a holiday geared display, many stores decorate their window displays in accordance with a theme. LaGalleria, an Armenian boutique, chose to present a jungle theme window display, designed by retail marketing specialist Davit Muradyan. In the jungle atmosphere, LaGalleria’s products remain the focus. Note their use of pedestals to elevate their smaller products (bags and shoes) to ensure they catch the passerby’s attention.

7. Saks Fifth Avenue x Vetements

Saks Window DisplayImage Credit: WindowsWear

In collaboration with French design collective Vetements, Saks portrayed the wastefulness of fast fashion by displaying a pile of old clothing. To highlight the issues of consumerism and excess, Saks added more to the pile each day. Instead of using the window to display their products, Saks used it to display their brand, a brand with a conscience.

8. Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. Window DisplayImage Credit: Facebook

Tiffany & Co. is known for its holiday window displays. Their Winter Wonderland captured different holiday scenes, using miniature ice pedestals and carts of presents to display their jewelry. Tiffany & Co. doesn’t just pull out all the stops for the holidays. To celebrate the premiere of The Great Gatsby in 2012, Tiffany & Co. designed a window display that captured the opulence and decadence of the roaring ‘20s. They followed with a Great Gatsby jewelry collection.

9. Hermes

Hermes Window DisplayImage Credit: Creative Bloq

Paper sculptures Zim and Zou created a window display for Hermes. Every article in the display was crafted by hand using only paper and leather. Store owners often benefit from partnering with artists on their window displays. After all, window displays are where art meets business.

Hermes Window Display Close UpImage Credit: Creative Bloq

10. Kate Spade x Ebay

Kate Spade Window DisplayImage Credit: Creative Bloq

Kate Spade teamed up with eBay to create a window display for the modern age. You don’t have to walk into the store to buy the items in the window case. Rather, you can buy the displayed items straight from your phone. Interactive and creative, Kate Spade ups their game by embracing technology.

Are you inspired to revamp your own window display? Use these ten displays, to think about what went right for these companies and how you can implement that into your own storefront design.


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