5 Steps to Start Your Own Private Label Clothing Line


Are you the owner of an online clothing store, brick-and mortar boutique, or a fashion designer with an idea for the perfect garment, and wanting to create your own private label clothing line?

Once you have your design for the perfect garment, it can be difficult to get to the next step: finding clothing manufacturers and navigating the private label manufacturing process without any guidance.

Well, we understand, and we’re here to help! We’ve simplified private label manufacturing into 5 steps. Follow the process below, and if you need more help, don’t worry, your MakersValley account manager can also guide you through every step.

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Step 1. Create your design listing

Include as many details as possible in your project - more is better at this step of the process!

You'll need to upload your pattern and photos of your physical sample. The manufacturer’s quote will only be accurate if you enter complete information. If you have any doubts, reach out to your account manager in Messages. Receive bids directly from Italian manufacturers and artisans when you manufacture your clothing line with MakersValley.


Step 2. Ship your sample & pattern to us

Your pattern and physical sample is the instruction manual for the factory.

In addition to uploading your pattern and photos of your physical sew-by sample in your project on the Platform, you’ll also need to ship it to us, unless you're using one of our factory design samples which your account manager can help you with. 

Watch as your garment is made in Italy, from anywhere in the world, using the MakersValley Platform.


Step 3. Receive your garment sample & give feedback

Send us feedback on the Platform on how your first design sample came out.

If you love the sample the way it is, let us know and we’ll send you the production invoice for approval.

If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll send you a new quote for the 2nd sample with your modifications.

Then, ship your approved sample back to us.


Learn the 5 Steps to create your own Made in Italy private label clothing line. | MakersValley Blog


Step 4. Go into production

Once you’ve approved your sample, we’ll send you a shipping and customs invoice and handle all the logistics to get your order from Italy to your doorstep.

Then, receive your production order in 6 weeks & start selling!

Step 5. Reorder your best sellers

Log back into your account and tell us when you’d like to repeat your design order, maybe in a different color or style that your customers requested. Your best sellers will be flying off the shelves, so we're working on some Platform updates right now to make reordering simpler than ever!

Create your Italian made clothing line with MakersValley, from anywhere in the world.

You can get started today by creating your free MakersValley account and take a look at how the platform works. You can start a project for free, then when you're ready, submit your project and activate your membership to join our community of Makers!  

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