5 Tips for Launching A Successful Ecommerce Apparel Company

Nearly 40% of worldwide online users have purchased a product or service from an ecommerce store. This makes way for a huge opportunity for startup fashion brands. Ecommerce stores are growing in popularity as people continue to search for the easiest and most efficient way to purchase things. In trying times, like the quarantine many of us are experiencing now, online presence will only become increasingly important. Experts expect online purchases to continue to rise, so here are 5 tips to help launch your online boutique now.

Creative Web Design

The first step to having a successful apparel brand is the face of it. A brick-and-mortar boutique would diligently think through the appearance of their shop as customers walk in and an online brand must do the same thing. The website must be engaging and easy to use so that it optimizes customer experience. Studies have shown that colors and design directly affect a consumer's purchase. A professional website designer could easily create a stunning brand page for your fashion business. However, a more budget friendly option warrants the use of templates from sites like Wix, TemplateMonster, or Apollotheme. These programs will give you the jump start it needs to create a stunning website.

5 Tips for Launching A Successful Ecommerce Apparel Brand

Use Social Media

Social media is the best way to advertise to customers online. Pick platforms that fit your brand’s target audience to best connect with them. Tools like Google Analytics can be useful is shedding light on which platforms and specific posts your target audience engages with the most.

Encourage social sharing as well. Create an environment where people who buy your products want to share their success on their personal platforms. Partnering with social media influencers is also a great way to gain brand awareness and reputation if you choose the right ones.

Give Customers Free Shipping

In an Amazon driven age, shoppers almost expect free shipping. Added costs like shipping are likely to persuade consumers to shop elsewhere out of sheer convenience. If it is feasible to the brand, free shipping is a great way to entice purchases on your site. Your brand can even offer a promotion such as “Spend X and get free shipping.” This will encourage increased purchases as well.

5 Tips for Launching A Successful Ecommerce Apparel Brand

Offer Excellent Support

A crucial part of every business is customer service. Consumers want to know that they will have support throughout and after their purchase. Since online boutique buyers do not receive the same in person connection that they would if they walked into a store, it is important to provide a similar level of real support. Live chat features are shown to increase site conversion rate by 10% or more. If the resources to offer 24/7 services are not available, simply setting up a chat bot that provides clear information as to when a timely reply is to be expected would have a similar effect.

Tell Your Story

Similar to how online customers don’t get the brick-and-mortar customer service experience, they also don't see the faces behind the brand and their story when shopping online. An “about us” page gives consumers the opportunity to get to know you and perhaps develop an emotional connection to the brand. Clearly outline who you are, what you do, and even include testimonials and other kinds of social proof in this section. Be thorough but remember that readers often want short and simple rather than a lengthy essay to read through.


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