5 Practical Tips to Make Your Fashion Brand Stand Out

Ekene Ojieh

Ekene Ojieh

The U.S Small Business Administration states that 30% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 50% during the first five years, and 66% during the first 10. The SBA goes on to state that only 25% make it to 15 years or more.

The fashion industry is pretty competitive; starting up a clothing brand is rather overwhelming. How do you stand tall in an ever-trendy industry like it? 



In this post, we will be sharing tips on how you can make your mark in the fashion industry and highlighting platforms that help you bring your designs to life.

What’s a fashion brand?

A unique fashion brand should speak to a niche in the fashion industry with its own voice and creativity. Having a fashion brand means you have a name in the industry represented by your own special styles and designs. 

Here are a few major keys to helping your unique fashion brand stand out to customers in the right way:

1. Listen To Your Customers

Genuinely listening to your customers increases trust, leads to better understanding them, their buyer’s journey, and what they think of your product or services . It creates a warm and receptive relationship. It makes them want to do business with you again. Everybody wants to go to where they are loved and heard.

2. Have Core Values

These form the fundamental beliefs of your brand. They guide the fulfillment of your business goals. They shape and reflect how people view your company. Core values ultimately help you grow and sustain your business by highlighting the worth of your brand to your customers and shaping their perception of your brand. What are your values? Use them to give you a competitive advantage

Remember, don’t just sell a product, sell value.

3. Make Your Brand Consistent

Being passionate alone about your brand isn’t enough. Brand consistency happens when you fuel your brand with passion. It matters in everything you do, from your logo to your online presence. Not sticking to any particular style won’t do you any good. Being consistent helps to build awareness, trust, and loyalty with your customers

Consistency and discipline are somewhat the same. You have to have discipline to be consistent. Consistency gives you the drive even when the sales are low. Doing the right things consistently will lead to a successful brand.

How do you know you’re doing the right thing? Find a model.

4. Teamwork, Teamwork, Teamwork!

Never forget teamwork. It’s the secret weapon of growing your fashion business.

It takes the cooperation of other people to enhance and scale a brand’s creativity faster. It feels hectic to build a clothing brand. Your job is to design beautiful fashions. You would be well served to delegate other roles in the business to other companies, contractors, or employees who specialize in skills that can help you build a fully functional fashion company.

5. Budget Smart

The major challenge many start-ups face is budgeting. How they afford high quality manufactures to bring their designs to life and high minimum order quantities can make or break their success. Fortunately nowadays, there are platforms you can leverage to connect to top notch manufacturers.

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Show Up for Your Clothing Brand

It’s not always the best product that gets the most sales, it’s the most seen. Social media platforms have made it easier and cheaper for niche companies to increase their visibility in the fashion industry via ads and campaigns. Once you've achieved the 5 corner stones of building a successful fashion brand get out there, and make sure you and your brand are showing up for customers every where they look. 

What are other qualities do you think are necessary for any successful clothing brand?

Share your comments below.

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