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A Passion for Sneakers Unlocks a Passion for Creating Fashion

Take a look at Angel’s journey to success. He went from a boy who loved sneakers to creating his own clothing brand and making what once was just a dream, a reality.

Meet our Maker: a fashion designer with a passion for stylish sneakers. | MakersValley Blog

Angel grew up in Long Island, New York, and describes himself as an “out of the box” person. He developed a passion for sneakers during his teenage years. Little did he know that this would lead him to fall in love with the fashion industry, which was the beginning of his journey.

“In my early teens, I developed a passion for sneakers,

which shortly afterwards became an overall love for fashion in general”

His story shows that by working hard and networking you can make make it big. In order to have your big break in the fashion industry, you have to learn from every experience and every person you encounter on your journey, because by doing so you can open many doors open, which will help you on your way to achieving your goals.

Radical fashions are a private label brand. | MakersValley Blog

How He Discovered Success in the Fashion Industry

Angel started flipping sneakers (obtaining the hyped releases at box price and reselling them) and going to conventions to network and meet other sneaker enthusiasts, or as he calls them “sneakerheads”. During his journey, he ended up meeting his first mentor, Gianni Versace, who introduced him to photography and gave him his first fashion internship. This amazing opportunity offered him his first behind-the-scenes look into the fashion industry.

Even though the time he spent with Versace was very brief, he used that time to his benefit by listening and paying attention to everything that happened in his surroundings at the office. This experience helped him gained a lot of knowledge about fabrics, patterns, and other aspects of the fashion industry, which  helped him on his journey to success.  

He had the opportunity to work at the Sabit NYC 2012 Fashion Week Show, where he gained a lot of experience playing a role behind the scenes of such an extraordinary event.

“The most important thing is, as they say in Japanese, to 'Tanoshinde Your Life', or in english 'Enjoy Your Life' "

Angel, in his own tee shirt design from Radical. | MakersValley Blog

When it came to choosing a college, Angel was determined to study at either The Art Institute or FIT in Manhattan, but he couldn’t afford either of them. He was against taking out student loans, so he ended up suppressing his passion and settling for a liberal arts course at a local community college. 

However, he eventually dropped out of to focus on his real dream career: fashion design. From there, he spent about two years traveling consistently, networking, and meeting new people in the fashion industry.

"I want my younger brothers and the youth of the world to follow a better moral example than the one that is being set, and I’m looking to use the arts and fashion as tools to be able to send that message."

The Radical Fashion photoshoot showcased the private label and fashion designer. | MakersValley Blog

Inspired by Vintage Fashion

In October 2015, after a rough couple of months, he got a burst of inspiration coming from 60s and 70s culture. After binge-watching documentaries, movies, and music from those decades, he came up with the idea to recreate the subcultures of the past in a more modern context to serve a purpose in the world.

 “I came up with +RADICAL+ and since that day I've been

doing everything in my power to build this idea and bring it to fruition”

Angel in his own private label fashion designs | MakersValley Blog

How Did He Create His Own Clothing Line?

"I'm looking for a certain quality that Makersvalley radiated through their website and social media accounts. I just trusted that [MakersValley} would be the best choice for the job."

During his journey, he got to a point where he was scrambling to find a way to produce a small line at a price that wouldn't crush his budget completely. That’s when he contacted MakersValley and he was able to make that happen.

Angel used MakersValley to bring his private label clothing line to life. | MakersValley Blog

 “So far my experience with MakersValley has been amazing;

their customer service is great and their online platform is awesome”


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