The Best Photo Editing Tools for Professional Fashion Designers

The Best Photo Editing Tools for Professional Fashion Designers | MakersValley Blog
Yash Bansal

Yash Bansal

Have you ever retaken a photo until it looks exactly how you imagined it? In today’s day and age, with so many photography tools constantly available to us, every designer strives to capture the perfect photo. In the fashion world, photography plays a role in any successful business. It is certainly important to know how to run a successful photoshoot, but it is additionally and equally important to know which professional editing tools will best highlight your photography and benefit you the most.

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The Benefits of Photo Editing a Fashion Shoot

Photos can impact a variety of deliverables for your fashion business. Whether it is for a catalog or advertising materials, editing your photos provides you various benefits, at a minimum:

  • Enhanced Professionalism - High-quality photos give your company a more professional image. This leads to you being taken more seriously by your network.
  • Better Visual Aesthetics - Aesthetically pleasing photos appeal to web consumers. In addition to showing professionalism, they also make the browsing experience more enjoyable for the viewer.
  • Clearer Focus on Important Details  - Certain lighting tricks will draw more attention to careful details on your clothing. Additionally, you can use certain colors to create the right tone for your brand.

Use Photo Editing Tools With Customizable Features

Before editing the photos you take during photo shoots and other events, establish how you’ll store the files. This will help keep everything very organized and easy to access later. Some digital storage options include Google Photos, Dropbox, or any physical data storage device such as a flash drive. 

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When it comes to photo editing, many tools offer free versions as well as paid premium options. Establish your needs and budget a certain amount of money to invest in specific tools as needed before diving into multiple paid tool subscriptions. The following are some tools that you can use and what key features they provide to fashion designers:

    • Canva - Canva offers many free tools and is a user-friendly choice for novices putting together presentations and other types of designs. Whether you are creating advertising collateral or something for a presentation, it is a good tool to use to arrange your photos in an effective way. 
    • Pixlr and BeFunky - These tools mainly resize images. They have many other features, but the resize function is both of their most useful features.
    • PicMonkey - This tool is similar to Canva, Pixlr, and BeFunky and offers a lot of basic features in its free trial.
    • Photoshop, Lightroom, and InDesign - These three tools are part of the Adobe Suite and all good go-to's for photo editing. Lightroom serves as a photo editor and a photo organizer, so of the three, it is the most all-inclusive.
    • Skylim Luminar - This has grown into one of the most popular platforms and works similarly to Adobe Lightroom. One nice aspect of Skylim Luminar is that using it requires only a one-time fee instead of a renewing subscription.
    • Corel PaintShop Pro - This tool also only requires a one-time fee and is a user-friendly tool with simple and straightforward features. It might be a good one to consider if you are just starting out using these types of tools.
    • Capture One - Capture One works similarly to Adobe Lightroom, but its storage interface is a bit different. It stores your images as collections and sessions, and for certain businesses that might prove additionally helpful.
    • PortraitPro - PortraitPro is mostly known for manipulating skin tones which is something that will likely come into play in the fashion space since designers often work with models of various tones in their photoshoots.
    • Snappa - If you want to repurpose the image you are working with, Snappa is a tool that easily allows you to do that. An example of this would be creating an image that is more suited for something like a social media cover photo or instead of building a social media banner.
    • DxO Photo Lab - Something this tool offers is smooth file type editing capabilities. Additionally, it has various correction tools to optimize the look of your edited photos.
    • Instagram & VSCO - These are two of the major social media platforms where you can edit photos. Both of these channels are effective ways to share some lightly edited photography with your followers. InstaSize and Google Snapseed are additional apps you can use to make your brand’s social posts look neat and aesthetically pleasing.

While there are a variety of tools at your disposal for photo editing, doing the research and seeing which tools provide what features will help you decide where and how to create top-of-the-line photos for any purpose. If you want to familiarize yourself with how these tools work, it might be a good idea to start playing around with some of the free tools or free trial versions. Once you learn your way around a particular tool that you like for your business, you can consider investing in a tool that requires some sort of subscription. All in all, photos that showcase the proper lighting and focus on the right colors can increase the amount of professionalism, overall likability, and sales appeal of your fashion brand’s products. 


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