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Posted by MakersValley on 7/24/17 3:03 PM

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Demo Day, the culmination of Parallel 18's five-month startup acceleration program, the end of a journey and the beginning of a new one. The day that 30 startups, including MakersValley, from Puerto Rico, USA, Europe and Latin America all came together and had the opportunity to showcase their companies to international investors. No pressure, right!?

20106464_1953653084915904_4292724801882258984_n.jpgSource: José Rodrigo Madera

The end of one journey marks the beginning of a new one

Over the past five months, MakersValley has participated in Parallel 18, a program that helps startups accelerate their companies from Puerto Rico and learn from local and international mentors. MakersValley culminated their five month program with their pitch presentation on Demo Day.


What is Demo Day?

On July 14, 2017, 30 startups from Parallel 18's Generation 3 participated in Demo Day, where each startup pitched their companies to an audience of 300 people, which included international investors, members of the entrepreneur community, students and general public in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

The objective of Demo Day is to give the companies the opportunity to showcase their growth and facilitate possible future collaboration with investors, partners and potential board members.

20031901_1953652544915958_2804054159348899838_n.jpgSource: José Rodrigo Madera

MakersValley was part of this amazing experience

Our CEO, Alessio Iadiccico, was in charge of pitching our company and he did an amazing job presenting how we make manufacturers accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere and our future expectations. All of this in a just 4 minute pitch! DSC_2616 (1).jpg

“I grew up in a small town in the south of Italy among thousands of manufacturers and when I was child I rode my bike to local factories and I would buy high-end clothes, refused by big brands after large production runs. Over the years, I understood that manufacturers had no bargaining power with big brands and that they were gaining low margins with their orders, making it impossible for them to survive.”

- Alessio 


MakersValley Puerto Rican team

MakersValley was one of the companies that hired local talent to help them grow their business during their stay on the island. Our CTO Babajide Okusanya was the Team Leader in Puerto Rico over the past five months.

“We hired seven amazing Puerto Ricans that helped us boost our sales, marketing and platform development”


“In March 2017, we started our sales and marketing strategies and today in July we have more than 75 projects created in our platform”


We are extremely grateful for this amazing opportunity that Parallel18 gave MakersValley. We have learned and grown a lot over the past five months and we want to keep working hard to enable greatness all over the world!


You can watch the full pitch presentation by clicking on the image below: