Creating a Fashion Brand: The Story of Fuzzera Jeans



"It's mind-blowing to me that I can take an idea for a piece of clothing, package it up into documentation that can be shared with MakersValley electronically accompanied with physical samples, which they use to make it.  And just a few months later, with very little back and forth in between, I receive a quality piece of manufactured clothing in return and at a reasonable cost too."

Follow this designer's journey as he creates a ready-to-wear, original jeans design. - MakersValley Blog

Creating an Italian-made Denim Fashion Brand

Cliff lived and worked in The Pajama Factory creative space, located in North Central Pennsylvania. During his time there, he decided to take a series of fashion workshops, presented by Valerie, a local fashion professional.

"I had no prior interest, experience or know-how, but I had an idea to make contemporary-fit bell bottom jeans for men, and together, she and I made some from scratch."

Fuzzera jeans was American designed and Italian made. - MakersValley Blog

After they made their first pair of bell bottom jeans, Cliff liked them so much that he wanted to do more, and see if other people would like them too. That’s when he decided to bring Fuzzera Jeans to the market. He contacted MakersValley to help with the process of manufacturing his jeans.

"MakersValley is an amazing resource, and I am excited about continuing to work together.  I think that communication, timeliness and attention to detail, is very important."

Create your custom pair of denim jeans, in Italy, just like this U.S. designer. - MakersValley Blog

Why Design and Manufacture Jeans with MakersValley?

Cliff chose to work with MakersValley because all of the clothing manufacturers he contacted beforehand required minimum orders quantities far beyond what he could afford. That’s The Patternmakers, a pattern-making startup based in Cleveland, referred him to MakersValley. It was cost-effective for Cliff to work with MakersValley because our per unit costs and minimum orders were in line with his budget, and the quality of the products were in line with his high expectations.

"This has been a great experience! I work hard on my end to be as thorough and timely and accurate as I can with my communication, despite my lack of experience in the fashion industry, and your communication and attention to detail has been very good and much appreciated."

Prototype and produce your private label jeans in Italy, just like this fashion designer. - MakersValley Blog

 We're making great progress, and I am excited about continuing to move towards my first production run soon!

 Fuzzera Jeans

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