How to Build A Personal Brand for Your Own Clothing Line

You’ve probably seen the personal branding process in action. The likes on your Instagram and Facebook posts, sponsored posts on Instagram, and shared articles on LinkedIn all point to the same underlying mission - building a personal brand.

How to build a personal brand

There’s a process to building a personal brand. Everyone has their own advice, but your personal branding process will depend on your market, your product, and how you want to position yourself to your market. The personal branding a fashion blogger may follow won’t necessarily be right for a personal trainer and vice versa.

As a boutique owner, fashion designer, or fashion entrepreneur who wants to start their own clothing line, you build your own personal brand by doing a couple of things, like:

  • Create private label apparel, like t-shirts or accessories, with your fashion brand logo
  • Create an online store with Shopify, complete with an ‘About Me’ section
  • Create your own clothing boutique or fashion brand page on Facebook and Instagram; use your page to share product updates from your MakersValley timeline
  • Start your own blog with a tool like

Getting your name out there will help you build brand awareness and momentum that will grow if you consistently work at the process above.

Staying consistent means publishing new blogs on a regular schedule that you can realistically maintain, posting on Facebook or Instagram regularly, and updating your online store consistently with new, professional product photos and descriptions.

Distinguish between your online brand and offline brand

A lot of people online – especially social media influencers – are “online famous”. Creating your own brand offline involves creating a reputation for yourself among colleagues, friends, and your community. This helps you gain cheerleaders and fans in your real life who can support your message and products in your brick and mortar and online.

Launch your own clothing line

The whole purpose of building your own personal brand is to create a career for yourself and not have to depend on a conglomerate to make a living.

Once you’ve established an offline and online brand, put your plan for your own clothing line in action. Make your style accessible to your fans via designs that truly represent you and your vision. Your personal brand has already inspired fans to believe in you; now, you can give them a way to join the brand you’ve built by purchasing designs that align with that story.

What strategies have you used to grow your fashion business? Has your personal brand led to new sales and referrals for your own clothing line? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.