How to Make a Shirt for Your Private Label Clothing Line

Creating a Quality Shirt to Sell

Italian-made shirts have come down the runways of Gucci, Versace, and other luxury clothing lines since they began. The Made in Italy reputation for quality makes these shirts beautiful works of craftsmanship, as well as design genius.

When deciding where to produce a unique shirt design or pattern, it’s critical for fashion designers to decide what type of labor will cut, stitch, and package their clothing. Market trends show consumers moving toward more conscientious brands overall. This trend exists not only as it relates to sustainable or vegan textiles, but also, as it relates to the fair or ethical trade movement.

We recommend making your line of private label shirts in Italy for exactly this reason. When a designer manufacturers their clothing line in Italy, their customers can take pride in knowing that their clothes were made by artisans who earn a fair and living wage and enjoy a quality life far above that of the average sweatshop worker. Having your product made in Italy also gives you the opportunity to specify or source your own fabrics, some of which you may want to be sustainable.

How to Make a Blouse, Shirt, or T-Shirt in Italy

Fashion designers from around the world choose to make shirts in Italy using the easy, 5-step process below, managed completely online.

This is the MakersValley process, and allows fashion designers to work with only the best artisans in Italy, who receive fair payment for their quality craftsmanship.

Design a shirt in Italy, using the completely online MakersValley Platform 5-step process. | MakersValley Blog

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