Is Green the New Black?

When it comes to sustainable fashion, MakersValley gives you tips on how you can expand your private label line in an environmentally and economically efficient manner. Find out why we believe more consumers should support ethical fashion! You heard that right, Makers! Going green is the next trend to stay in the fashion world.

The 411 on Conscious Consumerism

It’s no secret that the fashion industry infamously wastes a lot of products. According to an article from Forbes, the fashion industry generates 4% of the world’s waste, which is 92 million tons, every year. This calls for a change in fashion, and for conscious consumerism to step up to the plate.

Everything that revolves around conscious consumerism —a way of declaring we can retain the awareness of the power of our purchases no matter what is going on in the world around us —applies to the idea of what it means to save the environment. In this case, the most important question that you as a designer would have to ask yourself is: “who is the main marketing target here?” Yes, these would be the types of people who constantly try to find solutions on how to live an ethical lifestyle. Your marketing target should focus on consumers who will be able to sleep at night without the thought of “what if” crossing their minds.

Transparency and Sustainability Are Top Priorities

Of course, expanding your brand is the number one priority to break into this industry, but implementing sustainability into your fashion lines as a designer is another matter to consider.

Take the Californian brand, Reformation, as an example. This Los Angeles ethical clothing brand not only sells sustainable clothing, but educates its consumers on how to recycle unworn and “out of style” clothing. Because of its success in ethical fashion, Reformation transparently reassures its customers about the impact of recycling their clothing as well as its contribution to saving the environment.

Converting your business to conscious consumerism will not only help you as a budding designer, but also give your brand the perception you want your potential customers to have on what it means for green being the new black.


How are you being sustainable and innovative in your own fashion line? Comment down below!

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