Artisan Spotlight: It all started in a small room

Posted by MakersValley on 6/5/17 2:04 PM

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At MakersValley, our team is like a family, which is why we want you to get to know the artisans responsible for bringing your designs to life. In this blog post, we're going to introduce you to Carmine.

Carmine is the owner of a manufacturing company that makes mens and womens fashion clothing. With a lot of dedication, he was able to grow his business from a small studio to a successful manufacturing company.

“It all started in a small room with a small window, two chairs, two sewing machines, and an ironing board”

- Carmine 

Carmine creating a clothing line

 Carmine's story began back in 1983, when he was an 18-year old, full of ambition.  His ambition is what made him decide to create his own company. In the beginning, there were just two artisans working on the company and they only accepted and made small orders.  

Their advice to future designers: always aim high and never settle.

With motivation and a lot of dedication, Carmine and his business partner made customers happy by showing them their skills and professionalism. With time, the company grew from having 2 to 47 seamstresses! That's when things got interesting as they started to work for major Italian fashion brands. Talk about an exciting journey!

   “Our goal is to make sure that all of our customer’s requests are met.

We do that by providing a great and professional service" 

Carmine at work


During his journey, Carmine became part of our MakersValley team. He was looking for an opportunity to not only connect with amazing designers that want to develop high quality products, but to maintain a stable and professional relationship with MakersValley; he was able to achieve both. 

  "Happiness for us is when a customer loves

the product that we made for them” 

hardworking Italian artisans

 "We love what we do and believe in values such as high quality and greatness because we want to have satisfied customers"


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