Made in Italy: the Story of Amorilla

How did a 32-year old woman from Verona design a sustainable apparel brand that became one of the 10 best responsible clothing brands in all of Europe? Here is the story of Camilla Mendini and her brand Amorilla.

Starting Out as a Freelance Graphic Designer

Before her days as a lifestyle blogger, Youtuber, and fashion designer, Camilla followed her passion for drawing and photography. This led her to attend Poletecnico di Milano and earned her bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. After years of traveling around countries such as France and Australia, Mendini thought it was time to settle down in New York City. However, there was one thing she had left to do before moving to the Big Apple.

Sustainable Beginnings

In 2015, Mendini created a Youtube channel, Instagram profile, and sustainable lifestyle blog under the name Carotilla. Around this same time Mendini became an activist for sustainable fashion, eco travelling, and zero waste solutions. Although at the time these trends were less common in Italy, Camilla truly cared about using her brand to send positive messages and empowering her viewers through online content that bonds her to her community. Today, Camilla has a following of more than 55,000 on social media.


In 2019, Camilla founded her own clothing brand Amorilla, a sustainable and ethical brand for women. Amorilla’s mission is to rediscover textile traditions and resume those traditions by designing womenswear collections using ethically made, sustainable materials. When asked why she decided to create Amorilla, Mendini says, “For years I have been committed to spreading the message of sustainability and it was time to create something totally mine. In Amorilla I put all my efforts and courage to create an entirely sustainable brand.”

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For more information on Amorilla, head over to to shop and learn about what this beautiful Italian sustainable brand has to offer.

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