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Posted by MakersValley on 7/3/17 12:54 PM

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Picture the beautiful scenes of Southern Italy, to be specific Naples, there lived a family of four. The mother a boutique owner, the father owned another and the son grew around luxury apparel artisans and manufacturers, where his parents bought the merchandise for their boutiques.

As he grew up, he would go with his backpack to these artisans and manufacturers and buy the extra merchandise left behind by designers such as Versace and Dolce & Gabanna. As he grew up he noticed that the family owned manufacturing factories were closing down. He became passionate about finding a solution to keep these family owned apparel manufacturing companies open.

Alessio Iadicicco, the boy who used to buy product for his parents boutique with just a backpack, moved to New York City in an attempt to sell suits made by these factories. In return, he learned that boutiques and designers wanted to produce their own italian made private labels, as a result MarkersValley was born.


MakersValley’s mission is bridging the gap between Designers who want to create, mass produce, and sell a unique product, and Manufacturers who have been producing high quality products for years and want to sell to customers globally. MakersValley enables designers to embrace the platform economy and the distribution of production across hundreds or thousands of networked micro-factories. By doing so, MakersValley has created  a world where a Brazilian designer can easily get in touch with an Italian artisan, allowing them to connect and enabling greatness in one another's business.

MakersValley was born with the objective of equipping designers, boutique owners and Italian apparel manufacturers with the tools to grow their businesses. Today, MakersValley has a network of over 1,500 Makers, 85 Artisans & Manufacturers, 25 Product Types, and 1,000 Products (submitted and) Custom Made. 

"MakersValley was not a result of brainstorming or a random idea out of nowhere, but it was born from the willingness to change for the better the manufacturing industry. Since I was born, and after living, working and exchanging opinions with people in the sector for years afterwords, I believed that a better platform economy with fair rules and more transparency could be created, and so we did it. We created MakersValley".

- Alessio Iadicicco

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