MakersValley 3.15: Reordering Made Simple

MakersValley 3.15: Reordering Made Simple | MakersValley Blog
Jessica Morales

Jessica Morales

Selling out of product feels good doesn’t it? After planning, sampling, production, marketing, presales, and shelf stocking, those final sales are what it’s all about.

We love when our Makers design clothing, shoes, and handbags that sell out of stock fast. That’s why we’ve worked hard to create a brand new, transparent reorder process that streamlines your ability to restock the hottest designs zooming out of your inventory.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Select the Design You Want to Reorder

Your MakersValley dashboard lists all the design projects you’ve ever worked on, including the ones that you’ve completed production on. Select the COMPLETED design project you’d like to reorder.

Once you open that design project, select ORDERS to see that design’s order history. Then, click the Order again button of the order you’d like to replicate.

Reorder Process – Step 1

Step 2: Review and Edit (if necessary) Your Reorder

The Review your order screen shows the same product order details as the production order you selected in Step 1. However, you aren’t locked into these details unless you want to be.

Reorder Process – Step 2.1

The Review your order screen gives you the opportunity to:

  • Add or remove product sizes from the reorder.
  • Edit the quantities of the products you order.
  • Change the product materials, including fabric, trims, and labels.

You can change the fabric, trims, and labels associated with your products by clicking on Update materials and then clicking Edit. The fabrics, trims, and labels you see available are the same ones your factory uploaded in your project Sourcing tab.

Reorder Process – Editing your design materialsOnce you’ve confirmed your materials and are happy with your reorder product details, go ahead and select Request Order.

When you make your reorder request, the same factory that worked on the previous production order of your design will have the chance to review your reorder request and will get back to you within 48 hours to let you know if they have the materials and the capacity to fulfill your request.

Reorder Process – Reorder request submitted

Step 3: Review Your Reorder Invoice

Once you request a reorder, the status of your project goes from COMPLETED to REORDER REQUESTED. You’ll be notified via email and on the MakersValley platform once your factory partner sends you a reorder invoice. You’ll need to approve and pay your invoice before the factory can get to work on your reorder.

Review your reorder invoice by opening your design project and selecting Review bids, under the ORDERS tab.

Your reorder invoice will display one of three possible outcomes for each reorder request you made:

  1. The factory has approved your order request and can produce it with no changes.
  2. The factory can produce your reorder, but has recommended another fabric. This may happen if the factory ran out of the fabric you requested or because the fabric they suggested will work better for your products.
  3. The factory cannot produce your reorder. This outcome is rare, and may be due to the factory having limited capacity or your reorder request quantity being too low.

Reorder Request Invoice Example

Click the green dropdown arrow to view the Requested Trims and Requested Labels of each reordered product.

Reorder Request DetailsIf you have any questions about suggested materials, custom trims, a rejected reorder request, etc., you can leave a note for your account manager in the text box for questions, on the invoice screen.

Approve the parts of the reorder with which you’d like to move forward, including order updates, and click Continue. The platform will ask you to individually confirm any updates that you approved to your order.

Reorder Request Update Approval

Step 4: Pay Your Reorder Invoice

Production on your reorder will not begin until you have submitted payment. Once you pay for your reorder, the production details are locked in, and you’ll receive a copy of your invoice in the PAYMENTS tab of your project and in your email.

MakersValley Reorder Invoice Payment Example

MakersValley Reorder Confirmation

Use your design timeline to follow along again as your factory partner produces your reordered fashion design in Italy.

What other features would you like to see from the MakersValley platform? Let us know in the comments.


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