MakersValley 3.18: The Updated MakersValley Factory Design Catalog

MakersValley Blog | MakersValley 3.18: The Updated Italian Factory Design Catalog
Jessica Morales

Jessica Morales

Prototyping a new fashion product is time consuming and expensive. You’ve got to create a design rendering, test and select fabrics, analyze fit margins, and exactly create and test every stitch and detail. That’s why many luxury brands stick close to a tried and true core inventory of white label products that help them bring merchandise to market faster, without the expense and back and forth involved in prototyping new designs.

MakersValley has always offered our brands and independent designers the opportunity to source and sell high-end Italian white label designs. However, now, we’ve made the process more intuitive than ever!

Check it out.

3 Ways to Discover High-End White Label Designs

With this update now live, brands and designers can access factory designs in three different ways.

The first is perfect for users who aren’t yet sure if MakersValley is right for them. They can preview the 6 most popular types of apparel in the MakesValley Factory Design Catalog directly from the Factory Catalog page of the website. Once on this page, they can check out our full catalog of Italian-made shirts, dresses, sweatshirts, shoes, handbags, or pants before they ever sign up.

The next way to access the MakersValley Factory Design Catalog is with an account, from the newly made over MakersValley project listing guide. here, you can browse products by the product type or the clothing category (menswear, womenswear, and kids clothes) and see products that relate to your favorite designs.

Finally, we’ve also brought the Design Catalog button back to the MakersValley platform dashboard. Now, you can kick off any project starting directly with your white label design selection.

What if you still want to get bids on private label designs?

Don’t worry! Fashion brands and designers still have the ability to list and get bids on their own unique fashion designs. The MakersValley Factory Design Catalog is simply another tool we’ve put in your toolbox for building and maintaining a high-end, high value inventory of merchandise to delight your customers.


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