MakersValley 3.4: The Next Generation of Timeline

Posted by MakersValley on 8/30/18 3:03 PM

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Another month, and we’re stoked to announce – ANOTHER MakersValley Platform release!

We’re making it easier than ever now to manage your clothing manufacturing project online. Last release, you learned about how we streamlined sharing images from your Timeline with your followers on social media. This release, we’re giving you the ability to share even more.

Let’s jump into it.

Video Streaming, Downloads, and Video Clip Shares Now on Timeline

Our goal has always been to make manufacturing as accessible and transparent as possible for Makers all over the globe and our artisans and manufacturers in Italy. Now, your Italian manufacturing partners have the ability to upload videos (up to 1 minute in length) to your project Timeline!

      • You can stream the videos on the Platform,


      • Download the videos to your device,

        Download video of your product as it's made in Italy directly from the MakersValley online platform.

      • And even share them to your social media accounts, directly from Timeline, just like static images.

        Share video from the MakersValley Platform directly to your social media accounts.

Ask your account manager to encourage your manufacturing partner to add videos on your project Timeline. Then, watch, enjoy, and share!


Deactivate Share Links

Who hasn’t been guilty of sharing something on social media that wasn’t quite ready to see? Now, if that happens when you’ve shared from Timeline, we’re giving you the ability to simply deactivate the link from within the MakersValley Platform. This way, no matter where you’ve already shared your content, the link won’t take followers to the original post, allowing you to take your time removing the evidence completely from each social media account.

Just find the original content you shared on your Timeline, select the Share icon, then click ‘Unshare’. Presto! Problem solved.

Share and Unshare images and videos from your MakersValley project Timeline directly to and from your social media accounts.

What's Next?

We still have A LOT planned for the MakersValley Platform this year. What has been your favorite release features so far? What would YOU like to see next? Let us know in the comments.

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