Taking the Jump: 3 Steps to Create a Private Label Clothing Line

You are a fashion designer. You are a boutique owner. You are a fashion student. You have a dream... seeing your name or the name of your brand on the tag of a piece of clothing that you designed.

Does it seem like a daunting task to design, produce, and sell your own clothing line? We understand that.

The good news is that MakersValley can make it simple for you. With these three easy steps, you'll be well on your way to designing, producing, and selling your private label clothing line, made in Italy, by way of an ethical clothing supply chain.

Step 1: Making Your Clothing Designs

Have you already designed your garment or clothing line in your head? Have you turned your dream designs into patterns? Or do you have a piece that you want to modify and produce? If you have a design or multiple designs, you can send those patterns our way or pick a white label factory sample  to modify. Then, fill out your project details, and send us your pattern. It's literally that simple. Isn’t that awesome?

The first step to create your own clothing line is to create your fashion designs and sewing patterns. | MakersValley Blog

Step 2: Get to Know Your Manufacturer

Our network of Italian manufacturers are a big part of our community, and we strive to maintain great relationships with them. We have a team in Italy dedicated to maintaining those relationships while creating new ones. In this way, we assure the ethical manufacturing of your clothing. Having our team in Italy also puts them on site to assure the quality of the work ordered by our designers and boutiques. 

Once you have decide to start your private label clothing line with MakersValley and you have your project completely filled out, we will put your project to bid with our network of manufacturers and artisans, screening for the bids that best fit your needs. This will help you choose the manufacturers that best fit your budget and expectations.

From there, you just pick the bid you like best, and you're off to the sampling phase, and soon after, production!

Take advantage of ethical clothing manufacturing, offered by MakersValley, out of Italy. | MakersValley Blog


Step 3: Selling Your Clothing Designs

Our clients have increased their profit margins. From the moment you decide to start a project with us to the time your full production order is made and shipped, it takes an average of three to six months. During this time you will revise garment samples and have time to market and create an awesome sales plan to launch your new private label and here at MarkersValley, we are proud that we helped you make this happen.  

Use MakersValley to watch your clothing line get made in Italy, and market it to fans and customers. | MakersValley Blog

Image Source: http://www.rok-office.com/projects/suppa-store-1027/

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