This Middle Schooler is Redefining Modern Fashion One Design at a Time

MakersValley | This Middle Schooler is Redefining Modern Fashion One Design at a Time
Amulya Agrawal

Amulya Agrawal

Founded by Pennsylvania-based middle schooler Bianca Bucciarelli, the namesake women’s apparel line integrates this designer’s passion for reading and fashion. Bucciarelli’s designs draw their influence from her young imagination and unique perspective of the world.


Literacy Education Leads to Fashion Inspiration

Originally Bucciarelli entered the fashion industry as a way to learn how to read.  Her parents learned that fashion was one of her biggest interests and that she needed some extra attention in school. This inspired them to springboard her passion for the arts into an interactive learning method geared toward teaching her how to read.


A current student at J.R. Fugett Middle School, Bianca is a natural born artisan and artist. As a special education student enrolled in an Individualized Education Plan at her school, she turns her barriers into bridges, conveying her emotions through clothing patterns and outfit sketches. Her artistic and fashion skills have allowed her to partner with social media influencers and companies like Doll10 and Calista Tools. Currently, she has partnered with Fizz and Bubble to gift every one of her Summer 2020 collection customers a customized Italian heart-shaped bath bomb.


Designed with Heart, Made in Italy

One of the defining aspects of Bianca’s fashion brand is that she manufactures her designs with one of MakersValley’s highly vetted shirt manufacturers in Italy. Bianca’s dream was to have her line Made in Italy to tie it back to her family’s roots and create the highest quality designs from the finest Italian fabrics. Through MakersValley, her manufacturer, she was able to personally learn from and be involved in every step of the manufacturing process – from selecting the fabric to approving the patterns and samples.


A self-funded artist, Bianca has gained many valuable business management skills throughout the clothing line sampling, production, and launch processes. She has learned not only how to read but also about how each season’s sales and revenue will fund the future season’s projects.


While still only a sixth grader, Bianca has managed to establish herself as part of a new generation of fashion creatives who are redefining modern apparel.


There aren’t many designers around Bianca’s age working in the fashion industry. As a young designer, Bianca advises other emerging fashion entrepreneurs, “Never compromise your heart and/or your desire,” and always be willing to take feedback from others.


If you are interested in connecting further with Bianca or shopping her next collection, please email, and be sure to check out more of her designs here:

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