When it Comes to Fashion, What Do Millenials Care About the Most?

Aileen Padua

Aileen Padua

Sustainability, purpose, and price. These are the top three things that millennials prioritize when it comes to fashion. But it doesn’t stop there. Let’s elaborate on why these attributes matter to this generation when it comes to shopping.

Fashionably Functional

The feature that’s famously favored amongst Millennials is functionality. If one were to stop and ask a Millennial off the street, “What’s the number one quality that you look for in clothing?”, comfort and purpose would be the top answer.

Nowadays, every piece of clothing must have some sort of functionality. It’s even better if the brand can prove that their products are made to last. Take Patagonia for example. Millennials favorite pieces from The North Face, Patagonia, and Fjallraven. Not only are these products made with high quality materials, but the brands that produce them also pride themselves on their their products’ durability.

Affording Quality Products

Yep, this is a big one alright. The issue with fast fashion is that not only can it adversely impact the environment and frequently tie to poor labor conditions, but it also wears poorly over time and isn't built to last. However, when it comes to designing your private label, keep in mind the wants and needs of your target shoppers. Consumers seek the overall idea of spending less immediately, but then re-invest over and over again because they see the value of purchasing quality made pieces that were made to last, from quality materials as well as demonstrating easily recognizable luxuriousness.In the end, fast, cheap fashion isn't meant to serve as long-term wear wardrobe staples, but rather of the moment, fleeting pieces that are trending.

Saving the Environment

As a character trait, Millenials are notoriously known for fighting for their values, and supporting what they think is righteous. In this case, there have been reports that state sustainability and authenticity as one of the qualities that they abide by when it comes to clothing. This may sound like the end of high fashion, but as more collaborations with fashion houses begin to resurface, only one can hope that the trend of sustainability will most likely stay.

What are your thoughts on the shopping characteristics of Millennials? Comment below.

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