Artisan Spotlight: My Grandmother & a Barbie

Our Italian Artisans Are MakersValley Family

At MakersValley, we are extremely proud of our Italian artisans. We have created this Artisan Spotlight series to feature our artisans so you may get to know the craftsmen and women will be making your custom clothing products. 

Without further ado, we would like to introduce you to Luisa.

Meet the independent Italian clothing manufacturers and artisans who work with MakersValley. | MakersValley Blog

Meet Luisa

Luisa is an independent artisan who loves making women's couture fashions. She became passionate about tailoring while growing up with her grandmother who worked from home as a seamstress and loved being a Maker.

“When I was child, I used to play with her scrap fabric to make dresses for my Barbie.”

At 15, she attended a professional fashion school in Naples, Italy where she started first as a model and then gradually became a stylist. Over the next six years of her studies, she worked for various ateliers, studios, and boutiques perfecting her skills. She organized runway shows for important designers like Diane Von Furstenberg and actively participated in important fashion shows for emerging designers in Italy. 

“I’m proud that I have created my own little studio where I can devote myself to my passion. I am willing to help emerging designers bring their product to life, and I expect MakersValley to enable my greatness and connect with other like-minded people, not only in Italy but all over the world. My advice to new designers is to have clear ideas and focus.”

- Luisa 

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