Netflix Teams Up With 75 Brands to Promote ‘Stranger Things’

‘Stranger Things’ in Fashion

At the onset of the ‘Stranger Things’ season 3 premier, Netflix teamed up with 75 brands to promote the show, among them: Nike, Levi’s, and H&M.

Nike released three sneakers as a part of their collaboration with Netflix’s hit show. One sneaker has “Stranger Things” easter eggs embedded into the sneaker, only to be revealed once the rough gray fabric comes in contact with fire. References to Hawkins High School, the Upside Down, and the secret Russian code can be found among Nike’s latest products.

Netflix Teams Up With 75 Brands to Promote ‘Stranger Things’

Levi’s is also sporting a ‘Stranger Things’ collection, releasing t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jeans that fit with the 1985 period the show is set in. On top of that, the Stranger Things x Levi’s collection lookbook was shot on-set. H&M, for their part, is not only selling clothes inspired by the show, but also clothes worn by the characters in season 3. You can now buy the swimsuit that Billy wore during his time as a lifeguard.

‘Stranger Things’ in Food and Beverages

As part of their collaboration efforts with Netflix, Coca Cola is bringing back “New Coke”– a recipe introduced in the 80’s in an effort to combat Pepsi’s growth in the market share. Ironically, when “New Coke” was initially introduced as a replacement to the original Coke recipe, it was met with an overwhelming amount of protest – enough to cause Coca Cola to revert back to the old formula.

Netflix partnered with food chains such as Baskin-Robbins and Burger King. Baskin-Robbins now offers ice-cream flavors featured in the Scoops Ahoy ice cream parlor, while Burger King sells upside down Whoppers.

Not-So-Strange Chemistry: The Value of Brand Partnerships

The Guardian notes that if ‘Stranger Things’ had aired in the traditional broadcast manner of one episode a week, season 3 would span a two month period. Fortunately for show fans, Netflix released season 3 all at once, in true streaming service fashion. Netflix decided to collaborate with these 75 brands in order to maintain relevance for a longer period of time – a luxury lost in abandoning the long anticipation drip of the broadcast television format. Partnerships like these allow for both the T.V. show and the brand to garner enhanced attention and new fans.
Netflix Teams Up With 75 Brands to Promote ‘Stranger Things’
Netflix isn’t the first to employ this marketing tactic. The popular show ‘Mad Men’ teamed up with Banana Republic to sell a capsule collection of clothes worn by the show’s characters. Aéropostale even released a “Pretty Little Liars” collection with the same idea. Even competition shows like American Idol embraced the concept, with Kohl’s releasing a line of clothes that contestants wore during the show.

Partnerships are valuable and benefit both parties in every industry. If you are an up-and-coming fashion designer looking to put your name out there, look for opportunities to partner with movies, T.V. shows, celebrities, and the like.

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