These New Features Just Reshaped The MakersValley Platform for High-End Fashion Designers

The New and Improved MakersValley


At MakersValley, we are constantly striving to enhance our platform and provide the best tools and features for high-end fashion designers. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the launch of several brand new tech features that will revolutionize the way designers collaborate with manufacturers, streamline communication, and ensure smooth project execution.

Let's dive into what these features are and how they will take your fashion brand to new heights!

New Subscription Plans Customized Around Your Brand’s Needs

We understand that every fashion designer has unique needs at play within their fashion brand. Some designers are just starting out and need robust support. Some operate multi-employee ventures and manage most of their producer relationships, product quality assurance, and logistics in-house. Others are somewhere in between.

This summer we are introducing all new subscription plans built to allow our team to respond to designer needs in a way that’s effective, impactful, and efficient for the designer and where their business is at in any stage. 

  1. MV Essentials ($39/month) with 3 active design projects
  2. MV Choice ($79/month) with 7 active design projects
  3. MV Showroom ($149/month) with 12 active design projects

These plans offer greater flexibility as well as increased project capacity. 

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While the plans all differ on the number of active design projects a designer may have in progress at any given moment, they all share several key features:

  • Unlimited Bids from High-End Fashion Manufacturers – With this unlimited bidding capability, designers can explore a wide range of options and choose the manufacturer that best suits the requirements of each and every design project.
  • Access to the MakersValley Factory Catalog – This extensive catalog features a diverse selection of white label fashion products from top-notch apparel and accessories manufacturers.
  • Introducing MakersValley Factory Chat – More on that below.
  • Effortless Sample and Production Order Tracking – Designers can easily monitor the progress of fashion samples and production orders in real time through our often copied, but never fully replicated tracking tool: MakersValley Timeline. The real-time visibility offered by Timeline empowers designers by keeping them in the loop so that they can make well-informed decisions at any moment during the manufacturing process.

Each plan also includes the option to add on quality assurance and the support of a dedicated Production Account Manager.

Thanks to these new plans, fashion designers can easily manage multiple projects simultaneously and scale their fashion business without limitations.

Direct Messaging Factories: Seamless Communication Made Easy

MakersValley Factory Chat

Communication is the key to successful collaboration, and we understand its critical importance in the fashion industry. That’s why we’re excited to introduce MakersValley Factory (MV) Chat to our designers’ tech toolkits. MV Factory Chat allows fashion designers to now communicate directly with their matched factories after they have approved the factory’s bid. It even includes an auto-translator to reduce miscommunication and foster a truly global network of collaboration. 

And don’t worry – with MV Chat, designers can still view factory profiles, giving them valuable insights into their match’s expertise, capabilities, and previous work.

The Option of Expert Support for Smooth Project Execution

Quality assuranceWe understand that managing a fashion project involves multiple responsibilities and can sometimes be overwhelming – especially for new fashion business owners or solo brand enterprises. To alleviate this burden, we now offer an optional Production Account Manager add-on service. 

The Production Account Manager will ensure smooth project execution and act as a liaison between fashion designers and their manufacturers. They manage the relationship with the producer on the designer’s behalf, handle any issues that may arise, and ensure that projects stay on track.

This optional service reduces the logistics and manufacturer relationship management burden on fashion designers and allows them to focus on their creative vision while leaving the operational aspects of sourcing, sampling, and production to experienced professionals. Thanks to this personalized support, designers can navigate the production process with more ease and confidence.

Enjoy the Glow Up!

These new features are a testament to our commitment to empowering high-end fashion designers. The new subscription plans offer greater flexibility and project capacity. MV Chat allows for seamless communication with factories, promoting clarity and efficiency throughout the production process. And if it’s right for the brand, the optional Production Account Manager service provides expert support for smooth design project execution.

We believe that these additions will revolutionize the way fashion designers and brands collaborate with factories, streamline operations, and ultimately elevate their fashion businesses. We can’t wait to see how these new features empower creativity and drive success for our Makers. Join us today and experience the newest era of fashion manufacturing!


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