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Over the last couple of months, MakersValley has been working in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Our company was selected for Parallel 18, the island’s most innovative startup accelerator program. Even though our time here is coming to an end, we can’t forget that they've taught us to #WorkHardPlayTropical.

Our amazing tropical activities aside, Parallel18 has helped us create a huge network of people from around the world, beginning with the startups working around us in the co-working space to the huge network of mentors and the island's top entrepreneurs. Parallel18 has guided us beyond our expectations. Therefore, we will take the time to thank the beautiful Parallel18 team in this post. Thanks guys!!! We love you!!   

Meet the Parallel18 startup accelerator team. | MakersValley Blog

The Parallel18 team is not the only aspect that has surprised us beyond expectations; we've been inspired by the wealth of skills, resources, and interest that exist on this island. Puerto Ricans are looking for new opportunities regardless of the financial situation that Puerto Rico currently faces. We've encountered numerous people here that are willing to go down the entrepreneurial path. Thankfully, we've also had the opportunity to be the tool that fashion entrepreneurs on this island are using to excel on these entrepreneurial journeys. 

It has been incredibly fun to see how Puerto Ricans are connected by a second or third degree (the world is small!). Our experience here has proven to us that getting connected to the right people on this island is not difficult. Your only task is to ask an islander, "do you know [so and so]?", and suddenly you discover that it’s their "best friend’s cousin", and by the way, they also "grew up together"! Through experiences like these, we have learned that this island has unlimited opportunities for growth. MakersValley is proud to contribute its 'grain of sand' here, as the islanders say, by giving fashion entrepreneurs the opportunity to create high-end, Made in Italy private label collections. 

Furthermore, we've built an amazing team. When we first came to the island, we started with three co-founders and our Italian team. Now, MakersValley is flourishing with a marketing, tech development and sales teams. Our objective has been to grow our network of international designers and Italian manufacturers, and our Puerto Rico team is trail blazing the way everyday to make this objective a reality. 

MakersValley participated in the Parallel18 startup accelerator. - MakersValley Blog

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