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 Gennaro is an Italian artisan who specializes in making mens apparel. He is part of the MakersValley community of artisans.  Gennaro has been involved in the manufacturing industry since his childhood and has spent his whole life working in a factory as an artisan. We can say he is passionate about his work and as he says:

It runs in my blood and I can now create a unique and inimitable garment for a unique person.

- Gennaro 

Meet Gennaro, an artisan in the MakersValley network of trusted Italian clothing manufacturers. | MakersValley Blog

How did you become interested in fashion?

I have cultivated this passion since the day my father asked his tailor to pass by my home and have his custom suit made. At age 14, my father encouraged me to look for a job as a tailor, because he considered this a profession that bordered art. After that, I spent my whole life working in a factory and in the meantime I was creating models tailored for relatives and friends.

How was your journey towards becoming an artisan in the fashion industry?

All MakersValley artisans and clothing manufacturers are highly vetted. | MakersValley Blog

As a young artisan, I did not have my path set for me and I had to build it slowly: “passo dopo passo” as we say in Italy.  I built my own laboratory to work in and with time it became my room; the sewing machines became my friends and lovers. I always demanded a lot of myself; I knocked on many renowned tailors doors so that they could hire me and improve my potential, and the rest was self-taught.

Along the way I had a lot of hard lessons that definitely improved me professionally and personally, but nothing discouraged me, in fact, I came out stronger and with a greater desire to do more and better.

On my journey of a skilled craftsman, I met tailors of brands known worldwide who have loved me and helped me with their tips and important lessons. With them, I perfected my modeling, cutting, and sewing.

Gennaro followed the proud Italian tradition of quality clothing craftsmanship. | MakersValley Blog

How did you find MakersValley?

I found out about MakersValley by chance. I had the possibility to get in touch with MakersValley through word of mouth.

What is the main goal you want to achieve working with MakersValley?

Naples has always been the city with the best artisans in Italy and I hope to become one of them. Through MakersValley, I hope my work, creativity and the ability of making art with my hands will go beyond the ocean.

When I make one of my garments, I get into a profound silence and I do not think about anything except what I am doing.

How would you describe your experience with MakersValley?  

MakersValley has made it possible for American fashion designers to easily connect with quality and honest Italian artisans who can bring their clothing designs to life. | MakersValley BlogFor me, working with MakersValley is as if you had opened a window on the world. It is the dream that I always had in the drawer, bringing to the United States my ability to create and be able to transmit it to others. 

Working with American designers is recognition of my exclusive production that receives praise from them and encourages me to keep going and to improve more and more.

What would be your advice for aspiring fashion designers ?

My advice for them is to always believe in your dreams and never give up. As for me I rather say: USA, wait for me! One day, I'll be there!


Source from Italy

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