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Charles Meyer

Charles Meyer

Change is an inevitable part of growth. From the gritty, blue-collared factories of the industrial revolution to the AI driven e-commerce platforms we see today, the fashion industry continuously evolves to match the changing times. With its evolution simultaneously comes the mindset of a more aware and conscientious consumer. Now, more than ever, consumers have concerns about the who, what, where, and how of their fashion products. Who cut and sewed my new Coach sweater? What processes did it undergo? Where did the source materials come from? How much waste came from the process?

Changing consumer attitudes have raised questions on the integrity of major fashion brands. Are they truly shifting their businesses to increased sustainability and transparency? Or are their claims just greenwashed attempts to appease the general fashion public? A refusal by these brands to show supply chain transparency presumes the latter.

Customers want to know if they can trust the good business claims of their favorite fashion brands. How can fashion brand owners like you separate your clothing line from the industry’s worst actors and greatest barriers to consumer trust?

The solution is simple – introducing Orma! Built with authenticity. Enabled by greatness. Emboldening change. Orma (currently available in its beta version) packs together the core values that our team at MakersValley lives by and offers a unique tool to build and sell a better brand – one that is authentic, transparent, sustainably sourced, and most of all, for the consumer. MakersValley and Orma CEO and CoFounder Alessio Iadicicco, explains

“Imagine entering your favorite boutique or online marketplace and being instantly able to view the full, detailed stories of the products you’re seeing in front of you. In just a simple link click or real-life QR code scan, your device can now unlock a wealth of rich product information that goes beyond the simple instructions on a care label or price tag. You’re now revealing something much deeper that shows through pictures and video how the products you’re seeing were made, which designers or artisans created them, and how they embody the values and mission of the brand that created them.

Things are no longer separated into just e-commerce or just in-store. This is a true omnichannel experience. This is the future of shopping that we see with Orma.”

With Orma’s visual storytelling experiences, your brand gains the tools to set a new trend of trust and integrity across the fashion industry without the need for in-house coders and sustainability teams. Orma makes it possible to distinguish your fashion brand from the greenwashing practices of the industry’s worst actors and move towards adopting more conscientious sourcing practices that have traceable footprints for your consumers to see and share. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the Orma key features that make this possible. 

Creating Transparency and Traceability Through Product Experiences

orma product experience pages supply chain transparency visibility fashion brandsHow can you demonstrate good faith transparency to both your consumers and business partners in a unique way that is visually engaging, interactive, and informative?

Choose the Orma solution: show the design-to-manufacturing process of your line’s garments or fashion accessories.  Orma does this using what’s called a “Product Experience Page” – a customizable web interface designed to showcase a garment’s journey from conception to the boutique. Catered to each individual garment, you can upload and create visual media to:

  1. Highlight key moments along the supply chain – From sourcing to production and distribution, Orma gives your brand the opportunity to create a transparent supply chain by, well, being transparent. You can upload pictures and videos of where your garment’s raw material was sourced, its transformation from a raw source to a fabric, the design creation process, and how the final product developed, etc.
  2. Feature the factories and their artisans – Knowing who made your fashion products and where they made them is important to building trust in the fashion supply chain and with customers. Orma accomplishes this by letting your brand showcase the skills, talents, and traditions of the artisans behind the cutting and sewing of your garments in its posts. With the addition of “Factory Profiles” in future updates, your consumers will get the chance to see the inner workings of a factory and an opportunity to learn about the skilled artisans who carefully crafted your garments to meet the quality standards set by Made in Italy.
  3. Create consumer engagement – Each piece of media that your brand creates inside the Product Experience Page can be reacted to and shared across various social media platforms to scale up your brand’s image of integrity, sustainability, and transparency. In addition, you have the option to create and share custom hashtagged and prewritten posts catered to either the consumer, the wholesaler, or both audiences depending on your brand’s business model (B2C/B2B) and its goals.


Streamlining Orma Content With Teams  

orma teams supply chain transparency visibility fashion brandsBuilding Product Experience Pages in Orma does not have to be accomplished by just a single individual, nor by anyone with a digital coding skillset. In fact, you’ll probably prefer for a group of individuals to manage, edit, and craft your brand’s Orma experiences and content. Fortunately, within Orma’s internal Company Settings, you can add and invite users, factories, and suppliers into your brand’s Orma account to strategically coordinate the content that you want to share across the platform. Depending on your Orma plan, with teams, your brand can:

  1. Add and invite new users – Using the Company Settings in Orma, you can invite additional team members to help your brand meet its Orma content goals. With each invite, you can grant admin permissions, access to content, billing, and analytics, and even group users into “teams” according to their department. Keep in mind, the Orma subscription plan you choose will determine the number of users that you can bring on board. However, adding users above the limit can be done for a small additional fee per seat (discounted during the Spring 2022 Orma beta release).   
  2. Set predefined roles – For each Product Experience Page, you can grant read, write, publishing, and configuration permissions to the users in your account. This way, you can ensure that your content adheres to your brand’s image and stylistic guidelines by allowing only the proper parties to view and edit your content. 
  3. Communicate directly with factories – You can use Orma’s “Media Goals” to request status updates from the factories and team members you’ve added. Just click “Add Goal” in the Product Experience page settings of the item for which you’d like to set the goal. This prompts a factory to send “assets,” or videos and images, to be reviewed by your brand before posting to your Orma Product Experience.  

Monitoring Your Success with Built-In Analytics  


orma data analytics supply chain transparency visibility fashion brandsCrafting the engaging, visual journey of your products using Orma can be a fantastic resource for promoting supply chain transparency, creating consumer trust, and exemplifying your brand’s integrity across the fashion industry. It opens your brand to the broader market of fashion consumers who want to know the who, what, where, and how of their fashion products. Yet, how will your teams know if Orma is generating and converting the leads you want into satisfied customers? Orma has its own built-in analytics tools that allow your brand to:

  1. View and Track Post Engagements – Easy to read graphs track the real-time data of views of and interactions (shares/reactions) with your Orma produced content. You can isolate data by viewing it for just a single product or analyze the performance of your entire catalog in aggregate. You can also filter your product data to see engagement information over a specific period of time (day/week/month/year) to review how well your brand is reaching its KPIs and goals within Orma. 
  2. Track Wholesale and Consumer Analytics – A unique feature within Orma’s 360 and Enterprise plans allows your brand to view and track both or either wholesale and consumer data collected from B2C or B2B engagement. You can apply the same filtering techniques to view this information for a single product, in aggregate, and over a specified timeframe.
  3. Share Information to Your Partners – The data collected by the tool’s analytics can be viewed by the users and teams you have assigned privileges to in your Orma Company Settings. In addition, all Orma data can be exported and uploaded to the other tools and platforms that your brand uses to generate internal marketing, sales, and product reports.

Fashion thrives on leading the newest trends. Whether it is in textile production, supply chain logistics, or the metaverse, a competitive edge will always separate the brands that lead the way from the ones that wilt away. Orma and its Product Experience Pages offer this. The question is – Do you want to lead?


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