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Find Success in Private Label Italian Shoes

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Upload your shoe specifications in your project.  

Track the shoe-making process on the Platform.

Learn how it works!

We used MakersValley Be Inspired projects to simplify shoe manufacturing down to 5 steps. Check it out! And don’t worry, if you get stuck, your Account Manager can guide you through every step of the process.


Step 1. Create your project & choose Be Inspired

A Be Inspired project lets you browse (for free!) 1,000s of white label samples in the Be Inspired Catalog, from our network of 150+ Italian shoe manufacturers. Select and order any white label shoe samples that catch your eye as the starting point to design your own shoe.


These white label samples are established products 100% Made in Italy, and have already sold to brands worldwide. Now, our manufacturers are making them available to you.

Select.                           Order.            
Select any Be Inspired shoe samples you want to customize, in the size and color you want, and click Add to Cart.     

To submit your order, you’ll need to have a MakersValley subscription.

Once you’ve signed up to the plan that works best for you, click Submit For Review on your project. Shortly after, you’ll receive an invoice for your Be Inspired samples, from your Account Manager.

Once you pay the invoice, your Be Inspired Samples will ship to you at the mailing address in your profile.


Step 2. Ship your customized Be Inspired sample back to us

Once you receive your Be Inspired shoe sample, log into your account and click Create Project From Sample. Complete the questionnaire to let us know your feedback on the sample. Once you complete the questionnaire, your project will update in your account, using the shoe sample information you provided in your questionnaire.

NOTE: Be sure to check out our FAQ to see a list of the Italian shoe manufacturer’s acceptable shoe customizations for your Be Inspired shoe sample. Generally, you can customize the color of the shoe, shoe material, color of the rubber outsole, color of the heel, and color of the shoe buckle.


Your customized Be Inspired shoe sample will be the instruction manual for the manufacturer, so you’ll need to ship the shoe back to us before the factory can create your first prototype.

Use tape to mark each customization on the sample shoe product. It’s also helpful to add photos of your new, customized shoe to your project.

Use any commercial shipper you'd like to send us your sample. Your Account Manager will consult with you on shipping instructions.


Step 3. Review bids from Italian shoe manufacturers

How much does it cost to make a shoe?” Good question! Once your project is approved, you’ll receive shoe manufacturing bids from 150+ Italian manufacturers and artisans, within 10 business days.


Once you accept the winning manufacturer bid, your project will match to that manufacturer. Your Account Manager will then invoice you for your first prototype.


Step 4. Receive your prototype & give feedback

Once we receive your modified shoe sample in Italy and your project matches to an Italian manufacturer, your manufacturer will start making your first prototype. Once it’s ready to go, your Account Manager will invoice you for prototype shipping.


When you receive your first prototype in the mail, give us your feedback on the Platform. Did it come out to your liking? Use the Platform to either approve or reject the prototype.

Love the prototype the way it is?   Not 100% satisfied? 
Fantastic! Once we have your approval, we’ll send you the production invoice + estimated shipping & customs invoice.                   We’ll get you a quote for the 2nd prototype, with the changes you requested. You’ll need to write your modifications to the 1st prototype in the Shipping section of your Bring to Life project.                           


Whether you're 100% satisfied with the prototype or not, you'll need to ship your prototype back to us since it is the instruction manual for the manufacturer to make either your second prototype or take your shoe onto production.


Step 5. Production

Woohoo! You've reached the last step! Watch your factory bring your shoe design to life, then, receive your production order at your door, and start selling!

Now you've got something really special to tempt customers: a pair of 100% Made in Italy shoes – with your brand label on them!

Log back into your account anytime, and tell us when you’d like to repeat your shoe production order in different colors, different styles, or the same as the original design (trust us, you’ll sell out fast!).

NOTE: Production orders typically ship out six weeks after the factory receives your approved prototype back in Italy and we confirm your production payment. Don’t worry! Your Account Manager will handle all the logistics to get your production order from Italy to you.

Now that you know all of the steps to design your shoe, what are you waiting for? Connect with your personal account manager today in the platform and start making your dream shoe! 

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