3 Ways White Label Fashion Can Save You Time & Money

Jessica Donovan

Jessica Donovan

Have you ever heard the term “white label”? You might be wondering what exactly white label clothing is, or even just what the phrase “white label” means.

White label describes a good or a service that one company makes for another company to rebrand as its own and sell to customers. Sound strange? It’s actually very common. Even global fashion brands renowned for luxury style and quality craftsmanship do it to save time getting products from the drawing board to the customer. This gives their teams more time and resources to spend on marketing, planning fashion shows, and other logistics.

Including white label in your boutique or e-commerce store inventory mix can help you save time and money on a couple of things:

  1. Product Development
  2. Product Testing
  3. Market Research

Here’s how:

1. White Label Clothing Can Streamline Your Product Development

Have a great idea for a garment, but not sure how to develop a technical pattern that can be digitized for a clothing manufacturer? With white label, that’s no longer a product development barrier.

With white label, you don’t need to hire a patternmaker; you don’t need a degree in fashion design and patternmaking; you don’t even need to worry about pattern trial and error. You just need to have an idea of what you want to sell, and you can source that product through a white label clothing manufacturer who will let you add your label to their own factory designed garments, and allow you to repackage them as your own brand.

Some white label resource, may even allow you to customize the white label products as design samples, beyond the clothing tags. That means that you can shorten or lengthen sleeves, move fastenings, or make other modifications to create a more unique garment than the off-the rack white label pattern with which you started.

Using a white label design sample eliminates the time you’d normally spend developing a garment from scratch, and gives you a cost-effective way to create unique clothing without the technical patternmaking skills normally associated with fashion design.

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2. White Label Factory Designs Are Already Product Tested

Sometimes a garment can look like a great idea in your head, but once you build it, the function or comfort just won’t hold up.

The base patterns for white label fashions have already been made, worn, and tested. You won’t have to worry about bringing a product to life that will simply fall apart, or waste money digitizing a pattern or manufacturing a design that just won’t work or sell.

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3. White Label Apparel Products Are Products That Sell Well

White label products are products that the garment manufacturer knows will sell. That is how manufacturers entice retail outlets and fashion designers to purchase them. These products have been successfully ordered and reordered by brands before, which is why the clothing manufacturer continues to make and catalog them.

This means that when you add a white label product to your store inventory, you don’t have to worry about the product flopping and wasting shelf or warehouse space. The product has a proven history of selling, and with your modifications, it’s possible that it could sell even better in your store.

Only you know your customers and the garments that they’re really craving. If you start out with a white label garment, and modify it to your customers’ tastes, you’ll have provided them with something that they can’t get anywhere else, with minimal time and effort.

Use White Label Products to Reduce Startup Risk

3 Ways White Label Fashion Can Save You Time & Money_4White label garments lower the risk of starting a fashion business. They hasten the timeline from pattern development to the final sale. Plus, stocking white label garments allows you to offer clothing that sells well and fits well.

We recommend including at least some white label products in your online store or boutique when you’re starting out, particularly if you don’t yet have patternmaking experience.

White label is a great way to break into private label, and with MakersValley, you’ll have much more control over the end product than if you were to buy white label from a more traditional wholesaler or retailer

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