Sustainable Fashion Makes for Sustainable Business

Sustainable fashion is a trend that’s here to stay, and the environment is better off for it. Business Insider recently reported that at least 8 million tons of plastic enter the oceans annually – so much plastic that a dutch inventor named Boyan Slat has pioneered a 2,000 foot long plastic cleaning device engineered to reduce plastics contamination of the Earth’s seas.

Fashion manufacturing has always generated a significant amount of waste, but that’s slowly shifting.


Designer Recycling to the Rescue

Runways across the globe have gradually begun to feature more and more sustainable fashions made from recycled materials.

In fact, MakersValley is proud to highlight one of our own Makers, Nicole Zizi of Nicole Zizi Studios, who used MakersValley to create a jacket using post-consumer plastics that she obtained from Haiti and Honduras.

Nicole Zizi creates a jacket from recycled plastic using MakersValley. | MakersValley BlogNicole Zizi created a fashionable, comfortable jacket from recycled plastic using MakersValley. | MakersValley Blog

Nicole used images of her sustainably fashioned jacket shared by her Italian manufacturer, to her project Timeline, to post in her studio’s blog. By doing so, she not only peaked interest in her creation by presenting a snapshot of what was coming and how it was made, but she also made a case for how recycled materials can be used to create a product that stands out from competing fashions and stands up for a cause.


Customers Would Choose Sustainable

Despite the fact that sustainable products are a good thing for the environment, customers, and brands, recent studies point to consumers saying two factors prevented them from shopping sustainable:

  1. Product choice
  2. Knowledge of a brand’s sustainability commitment

Fashion brands that have made the leap to take their clothing line’s materials sustainable would benefit from branding themselves as a sustainable brand and leveraging that quality in their marketing. As much as fashion entrepreneurs might like for their customers to read their mission statements or visit the "all about sustainability" page on their website, the message must become a can’t miss feature There are a couple of ways to do this:

Nicole Zizi Studios created a sustainably made jacket using recycled plastics. | MakersValley Blog

  1. Follow Nicole Zizi’s example, and feature images of your sustainable product as it’s being made, with information on what materials your manufacturer is using to make it.
  2. Use social media, in-store signage, your website, etc. to reiterate that your brand and your products are sustainable. You may feel like you’re beating customers over the head with your message, but trust us! No one sees every post you put out or every product, so it’s important to stay visible and consistent.
  3. If only a few of your products are sustainable (hey, you’ve got to start somewhere!) consider working with a graphic designer to create your very own sustainable product emblem. Use the emblem on your physical product hang tags and as an icon on your online shop products and social media product posts.

If your brand is sustainable, don’t be shy! Shout it from the rooftops, and see how it can enhance the conversation and even help you discover your most loyal customers.

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