Taking Inspiration from the 2019 Met Gala

The MET Gala is undeniably the fashion event of the year.  It marks the opening of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute’s annual fashion exhibit. This event has had a long tradition in fashion going back into 1948, but it wasn’t until ex-Vogue editor Diana Vreeland took command of organizing the gala in 1972 that it became the glamorous upscale fashion event of today.

Over time, the gala has evolved changing annual themes and guest lists.  However, each year it provides a memorable display of show stopping proportions. The carpet leading into the MET is a place where even the largest of creations can impress fashion lovers for years to come. 

Met galas

For example, maybe you saw a magical Cinderella-esque gown inspired by the original animated Disney motion picture. Or you remember those amazingly intricate golden gowns and dresses from previous gala years that were inspired by Victorian era royalty. Those new takes on past stories is what propels innovation in the fashion world and helps inspire new fashion trends.

We’ve seen over time the retakes and recreations of past designs is what moves fashion forward and what helps styles and designers be remembered for decades. There is no future in fashion without looking outside or into the past for inspiration and creating something new.

That’s why MakersValley provides fashion design catalogs exclusively from our manufactures to make discovering fashion inspiration that much easier for clothing designers.

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