The 5 Biggest Arguments for B2B E-Commerce

MakersValley Blog | The 5 Biggest Arguments for B2B E-Commerce
Chanoa Tarle

Chanoa Tarle

While B2B e-commerce tech has taken off in recent years, never was its power more apparent than today, during the global COVID-19 crisis. These online based fashion industry platforms allow brands and retailers to continue to do business from the safety of at-home self-isolation or while social distancing from their offices using features like inventory integration, email marketing systems, digital catalogs and linesheets, multimedia marketing sharing, and more. Read on to learn five reasons why you should keep B2B e-commerce tools on your radar.

1. Sell 24/7, Around the Globe

One of the greatest advantages presented by B2B e-commerce technology is the ability to sell 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and anywhere around the globe. When buyers can place wholesale orders with your brand at any time, you accommodate retailers from around the globe while encouraging the purchase of in-season immediates and replenishments. What’s more, inventory issues get eliminated, thanks to data integration with your enterprise resource planning system (ERP). Offering buyers the flexibility of shopping or pre-planning orders through your B2B e-commerce portal adds to the professionalism of your brand while improving accuracy and streamlining the selling process.

Sell apparel products 24/7

2. B2B Data Insights

Data and insights are some of the most important advantages of B2B e-commerce tech. These platforms provide insights based on clicks in your shoppable catalogs, email campaign clicks and responses, sales history, bestsellers, sell-through, and more. In turn, you’re able to use the information you receive to make more informed decisions in the future, honing and growing your apparel business.

3. The Retailer Database 

In an effort to garner more sales for participating fashion brands, many wholesale e-commerce platforms allow you to browse a database of retailers so you can find more suitable potential clients for your business. What’s more, as a member of a B2B platform, cold pitches are more effective as you’re already a member of the same professional community.

Use B2B ecommerce tools to access retailer databases and powerful marketing data4. Personalized Fashion Marketing Tools

B2B e-commerce tech supports buyer-brand relationships with tools like data-driven email marketing, personalized product offerings, and customizable linesheets to be personalized for individual buyers. In fact, the B2B e-commerce sales experience is so effective that it’s one of the driving forces behind the current evolution of physical showrooms. However, the technology doesn’t intend to do away with in-person interactions in their entirety; B2B e-commerce tech improves face-to-face meetings and trade shows with such features as order drafts and real-time inventory insights.

5. The Environment

Finally, in the fashion industry, nothing replaces the ability to touch your garments and see them up close. However, it’s not always convenient, environmentally-sound, or cost-efficient to jet around the globe. B2B e-commerce makes it possible to sell all year long, even between markets, reducing costs and your carbon footprint. These tools also reduce paper consumption, replacing printed wholesale catalogs, lookbooks and linesheets in one fell swoop. Savvy brands print one or a handful of copies for each trade show, encouraging buyers to access their sales tools via their laptops, tablets, or smartphones instead.


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