3 Key Points to choose the Right Fabric

Why Fabric Matters When You Make Clothes

The most important component of a garment is its fabric. It doesn't matter how well crafted the seams of the garment are – if it the clothing is made from the wrong fabric, it will not do justice to the design and will look like a disaster.

Picture this: you have an awesome idea, you make the sketch, and you turn it into a sewing pattern. The next step is to make it, but in order to do that you need the fabric. This the part where things start to get interesting.  Read on to find out how to make fabric shopping easier!

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Back to Basics: Fibers

What Do Fabrics and Fibers Mean in the Fashion Industry?

Fabric is a term you'll encounter a lot in the fashion industry. If I ask you to tell me what fabrics are, you will say, "Easy, it's what we use to make a garment, right?"

What if I ask you to tell me what a fiber is, or to tell me the difference between a fabric and a fiber. Would you be able to answer that?

Read on, and we'll review the difference between fabrics and fibers.

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MakersValley: Who We Are

Picture the beautiful setting of Southern Italy, Naples to be specific. There lived a family of four. The mother owned her own boutique; the father owned another; their son would grow up around luxury apparel artisans and manufacturers, from whom his parents bought the merchandise for their boutiques.

The boy would bike to these artisans' workshops, wearing his backpack to buy the extra merchandise left behind by globally-renowned luxury designers like Versace and Dolce & Gabanna. As he grew up, he noticed that the family owned manufacturing factories were struggling as they fought bidding wars to keep the big brands happy. He became passionate about finding a solution to keep these family owned apparel manufacturing companies open and successful without being reliant on only one large customer.

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The Missing Piece of The Puzzle

The Reality Behind Creating Your Own Clothing Line from Scratch

Whenever someone thinks of fashion design, the first thing that comes to mind is glamour and sparkle, but in reality there’s more to it. There's a big process that has to happen before that sparkly outfit makes it to your closet.

Fashion, like any source of culture, is a great jigsaw puzzle! You just need to put all the pieces together to get something great.

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Taking the Jump: 3 Steps to create a private label clothing line

You are a designer. You are a boutique owner. You are a fashion student. You have a dream... seeing your name or the name of your brand on the tag of a piece you designed.

Does it seem like a daunting task to design, produce, and sell your own clothing line? We understand that.

The good news is that MakersValley can make it simple for you. How you ask? With these next three easy steps, you'll be well on your way to designing, producing, and selling your private label clothing line, made in Italy, by way of an ethical clothing supply chain.

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Make it or break it decision: Going into production

Are you ready to make your own clothing line?

Wouldn’t you like to learn how to simplify the process of manufacturing by taking advantage of MakersValley services?
What if I said that every designer, boutique owner, or fashion entrepreneur who wants to break into the fashion industry has faced the same problem?
Better yet, what if I showed you how to leverage the manufacturing process by making it as simple as possible?
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