Artisan Spotlight: It All Started in a Small Room

At MakersValley, our team is like a family. We want you to get to know the artisans responsible for creating your fashion line. In this blog post, we're going to introduce you to Carmine.

Carmine is the owner of a manufacturing company that makes mens and womens fashion clothing. With a lot of dedication, he was able to grow his business from a small studio to a successful clothing manufacturing company.

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Taking the Jump: 3 Steps to Create a Private Label Clothing Line

You are a fashion designer. You are a boutique owner. You are a fashion student. You have a dream... seeing your name or the name of your brand on the tag of a piece of clothing that you designed.

Does it seem like a daunting task to design, produce, and sell your own clothing line? We understand that.

The good news is that MakersValley can make it simple for you. With these three easy steps, you'll be well on your way to designing, producing, and selling your private label clothing line, made in Italy, by way of an ethical clothing supply chain.

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Success Story: From Orphan to Fashion Entrepreneur

"My goal is to change the fashion industry and touch the lives of orphans by selling outerwear. MakersValley is making those dreams come true through their high quality work"

What are the odds of making it in the fashion industry in the US? What are the odds when you're originally being from Kenya?  If you thought impossible, think again, because Ishmael did!

He embarked on a journey to the United States to play basketball and ended up becoming a fashion entrepreneur. He created the MUDAXpro reversible athletic outerwear jacket which will soon be featured on Kickstarter and Shark Tank. Talk about a success story!

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