Unlock How Gen-Z Uses Instagram To Shop Fashion

MakersValley Blog | Unlock How Gen-Z Uses Instagram To Shop Fashion
Julie Araica

Julie Araica

The oldest members of the newest generation on the rise, Gen-Z, are 23 years old, and your fashion brand is definitely missing out if you’re not figuring out how to tap into this demographic, build a new consumer-base, and earn customers for life. Gen-Z consumers like to feel a personal connection to the brands that they shop from and choose to support, and Instagram is their app of choice when it comes to finding these brands. Here’s how your brand can use Instagram to reach these consumers.

Initial Discovery of Your Clothing Line

In your brand’s earliest stages, Instagram is the best way to promote what you’re about and build an audience. In an interview with The Guardian, Lisa Bühler, founder of Lisa Says Gah, said that she started the Instagram account for her brand before even launching her brand’s website. Having a presence before launching helps give your audience a sense of your brand’s aesthetic, and the type of lifestyle its catered to. Plus, when new customers find a brand on Instagram, they’re much more likely to feel the thrill of uncovering a “hidden gem.”

How to Use Instagram to Reach Gen-Z Shoppers

Tell Your Apparel Brand’s Story

When posting on Instagram, your brand’s feed should be 20 percent promotion, 80 percent story. Use the platform to tell your audience about your brand’s values. Sell your customers the idea of your brand, and build content that they can engage with. Don’t just tell your customers what your brand is about, tell them why your brand does what it does and build an authentic relationship with your customers.

Get To Know Your Customers

On that note, Instagram gives you a great platform to learn more about who your customers are. With a business account, you can get key insights into your primary follower demographics — information such as age, gender, and geographical location. These demographics can help you hone in on the type of content you produce. The tag feature is also a great way to get to know your audience, and sharing their posts on your feed can be a great way to pull in new customers and show them how your garments look in real life, on different bodies.

Streamline The Clothes Shopping Experience

Instagram has done a great job implementing different ways your audience can shop directly through the app. With the swipe up feature on stories, brands can go directly to your site and buy items without exiting the app. Using shop stickers on items will also allow users to tap and learn the price of your item, and they can then easily follow an arrow to purchase it via Instagram. The best feature Instagram has that will help your brand grow is shoppable posts. These posts occupy a separate space on your brand’s page, and allow customers to see items you have for sale and purchase them directly through the app, or bookmark them for later in a wish list Instagram automatically creates when you save one of these posts. Creating shoppable posts also gives you the chance to be featured on Instagram’s shopping channel that users can find in their discover tab. Here, Instagram uses its algorithm to determine specific users’ interests and tastes, and recommends items to them accordingly. Getting featured here is a great way to be discovered by new customers.

You don’t want to miss out on the rising Gen-Z market, so hone in your Instagram strategy, and attract some fresh eyes to your growing fashion brand.

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