Womenswear Pieces That Are Constantly In Style

Womenswear Pieces That Are Constantly In Style - MakersValley Blog
Carolyn Cunningham

Carolyn Cunningham

The fashion industry is constantly changing. Brand popularity, newest trends and even fabrics evolve at all times.

New trends don’t always mean new styles though. Fashion is known to be cyclical which gives your brand the opportunity of success without struggling to create the newest and greatest pieces. Let’s highlight a few vintage trends that seem to always cycle back into popularity.


While it seems like denim never went away, denim styling has certainly changed over time. A few years ago, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s 2001 all denim AMA outfits seemed too much but they’re not far off from the hottest trends now. Double denim is back and the ways to style it are almost endless. Denim jackets, jeans and chambray shirts fly off shelves since they are staple pieces that people constantly look for.

Flared Pants

Bell bottoms, originally created for sailors, caught on fast as a fun fashion staple in the 70’s. Today, they’re back and give wearers a chance to make the style their own. Choose fun colors or even patterns to make this vintage style unique to your brand.


Womeswear Pieces That Are Constantly In Style

Cropped Tops

The crop top remains in the fashion cycle and almost seems to never fall off. You could say it is the piece that never stops coming back. In its early days, a crop top was part of a two piece set but since then it has come back almost every year in a new and creative way. If one were to walk down the street they would be hard pressed to not see someone wearing this style.

Take advantage of the many different choices for a piece like this. Give your buyers matching sets, single pieces, or even cropped sweaters.

Head Scarves

This simple accessory has made a big comeback. Influencers and top brands alike use these colorful and versatile silk pieces to elevate any outfit. The perfect time to jump on this trend is now since Spring and Summer are just around the corner.


Womeswear Pieces That Are Constantly In Style

Re-purpose Old Pieces

Every piece of apparel you source will not always sell out right away, so don’t panic. Here are a few ways to give those old or stagnant pieces a new life.

  • Change the placement of it in the store. A change of placement can create awareness of a piece buyers have missed or overlooked in past shopping experiences.
  • Style it. Show your customers how to make the piece their own and even use some of the vintage pieces mentioned above to do so.
  • Find a way to re-purpose it. At this point, it is pretty obvious that many fashion trends tend to come back around so use that to your advantage and make some small adjustments or style preferences to the pieces that may have seemed out of style. Many boutiques have found that taking new photos of their items and highlighting the best parts of them can create a whole new image of the piece. What was once old can seem as though it is brand new.

What are your favorite vintage pieces? Let us know in the comments!

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